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Main business

    Since its establishment in 2017, Benes has focused on B2C cross-border e-commerce export, Shangqiu cross-border e-commerce training and other businesses. It is currently in a stage of rapid development. The company is committed to providing foreign users with a B2C online shopping model. It has self-built independent websites in Thai, Indonesian, Malay, English, and traditional Chinese. Its business covers Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. Southeast Asian countries and regions. The products cover 12 major categories, involving hundreds of thousands of SKUs, including clothing, shoes, hats, bags, digital, home appliances, beauty, outdoor products, etc.
    In 2020, the "Benes Cross-border E-commerce Academy" was established to provide cross-border entrepreneurs with complete supporting programs based on its own advantages: training, systems, and resources.



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