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Company Introduction

Shangqiu Benas Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a cross-border e-commerce company with Internet technology as the core. It owns the "Benas Cross-border E-commerce College", focusing on B2C cross-border e-commerce export and Shangqiu Business training and other businesses are now in a stage of rapid development. Its predecessor was Shenzhen Benes Information Technology Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, the company has always been adhering to the tenet of "customers first", "employees second" and "shareholders third", insisting on "the company and the times advance together", "the company and employees develop together", and serve every customer well and achieve Every employee" business philosophy.

As a cross-border e-commerce company, Benes actively explores overseas markets and is committed to providing foreign users with a B2C online shopping model. Its business has covered many countries and regions in Southeast Asia, and its products include cosmetics, beauty salons, 3C electronics, and home furnishings. Dozens of product categories, such as household appliances, automobile and motorcycle accessories, toys, jewelry, etc., involve tens of thousands of SKUs. The company has always adhered to the flat management concept, and now has professional sales personnel and supply chain management elite teams, high-quality product development, video technology, operation promotion, supply chain management talents, and the core management team has many years of cross-border e-commerce field Practical experience.

The company continues to try new business models, continues to expand new markets and product categories, and through continuous exploration and innovation, it creates a business model with "boutique development + independent station matrix + Facebook promotion" as its core competence, and makes domestic high-quality products accurate and efficient Promote to overseas consumer markets, help Chinese manufacturing to build overseas brands, and provide more overseas consumers with better choices. It has become one of the fastest growing cross-border e-commerce service providers in China.



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