Welcome: Shangqiu Benes Network Technology Co., Ltd.
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Development Path

December 2017 —— Establishment of "Benes Studio"

August 2018 —— Registered and established "Shenzhen Benes Information Technology Co., Ltd."

September 2018 —— Independent research and development of the station system, erp system

October 2018 —— Established Benes Shenzhen warehouse center

March 2019 —— Established Shangqiu branch "Shangqiu Benes Network Technology Co., Ltd."

July 2019 —— Support the first phase of incubation of cross-border entrepreneurs

March 2020 —— Shenzhen company was dissolved and reorganized

April 2020 —— Benes moved to Shangqiu
November 2020 —— Established "Shangqiu Benais Information Technology Consulting Service Co., Ltd." and established "Benas Cross-border E-commerce College"



Contact: Manager Zhang

Phone: 15938366087

Tel: 15938317053

Email: HR@e-benes.com

Add: Room 508, United Building, southwest corner of the intersection of Shenhuo Avenue and Zhujiang Road, Suiyang District, Shangqiu City, Henan Province