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E-commerce School

Benes Cross-Border (Facebook) E-commerce School
一. Introduction:
Benes Cross-Border E-commerce Academy is a formal online training institution for cross-border e-commerce. Committed to helping sellers better enter the cross-border e-commerce market in various regions of the world, the courses currently offered include Facebook advertising and independent station operation.
二. Educational Concept
1. The genes of Benes: cross-border, offline education
Benes is determined to deepen cross-border e-commerce, focusing only on offline training, better communicating with students, and taking you into the cross-border industry hand in hand. Therefore, for sellers who are determined to be cross-border sellers, we will definitely become friends, no matter whether you pay Benes or not, because we are true fellows.

2. The value of Benes: to help sellers better enter the cross-border e-commerce market in various regions of the world.
The global e-commerce market is divided by several bigwigs, not one platform dominates the world. Amazon occupies the middle-class and strong consumer groups in Europe, America and Japan; eBay occupies the European and American dios; AliExpress occupies Russia and his younger brother and some European and American dios; Wish occupies the small fresh meat in Europe and America; lazada, Shopee occupies Southeast Asia; ML occupies Latin America; India, Australia, and the Middle East are still fighting; therefore, from the perspective of company entrepreneurship, every seller’s explosive products hope to have more global traffic. And Benes is willing to be a guide for some sellers. Benes also insisted on the civilian price of training.
3. Benes’ belief: fierce competition does not allow a seller to have obvious shortcomings
We believe that fierce competition does not allow a seller to have obvious shortcomings. A seller who only knows a certain black technology, or is only proficient in a certain sector, cannot make money, and has little effect on its own operations or entrepreneurship. Key role. Because details are changing at any time, black technology will fail at any time. Only when the system masters all aspects of a platform can sellers have the ability to follow changes in the platform and industry. Therefore, Benes insists that one platform is one course, which is the all-round class. Whether you need it or not, we have to let students learn the basic operation and explosive creation. Those who have already met are regarded as communication, and those who don't understand are regarded as learning.
4. Benes’ experience: the teacher must be in the front line of practical advertising
Because the cross-border e-commerce industry is changing so fast, it is impossible to have any fixed teaching materials. If you leave for 3 months, you will feel abandoned by the industry. Therefore, we require that our teachers must be first-line sellers, not too big or too small, and the monthly sales are just around 50,000-100,000, which can be both practical and experienced.
5. The teacher must be in the front line of practical advertising5. Fans of Benes: all friends
We are very sober and have never hoped that everyone will become our VIP students, so you can rest assured to contact any of our teachers, whether you pay or not, we are still happy to provide help within our capacity.

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